Test drive into the Fruška Gora

Before starting again our long way back from Belgrade to Karlsruhe, we wanted to test drive the car a little bit more extensively. Our daily trip led us starting from Belgrade in the best weather to the national park of the Fruška Gora, a small low mountain range in the Serbian region Vojvodina south of Novi Sad. Our destination was the highest summit  Crveni Čot, 539 m above sea level.

On our way we visited the well worth seeing monasteries Krušedol and Novo Hopovo. There we came across a beautiful Zastava 750, a Yugoslavian licensed and based model of the well known Fiat 600. Wartburg 353W and Zastava 750 simply look well together. We also visited the monument of freedom, which was erected in 1951 in remembrance of the fallen partisans in second world war fighting against fascism.

All day there were no complaints about the Wartburg, so nothing stands in our way travelling back to Germany.