Gasoline smell instead of Black Forrest air

This morning I headed to the intensive training centre on the mountain of Herzogenhorn located in the southern Black Forest. Short before Freiburg im Breisgau I filled up the tank of the Wartburg. In the following we climbed confidently through the impressive Hell’s Valley uphill on 1.400 m. That has been my very first mountain trip with the Wartburg and everything went very well, apart from some intense gasoline smell which I could not locate immediately.

When I arrived at my destination I discovered while unpacking the trunk, that the venting hose of the tank came off from the flange, gasoline went out due to steep incline and gathered in the spare wheel recess. Luckily nothing more worse happened. The caretaker of the training centre who is driving a Lada Niva provided me his workshop and a lot of paper towels, so I was able solve the problem quickly. Probably the gasoline smell will survive for a while but fortunately Aikido and hiking is on my plan for the next days.